2L-2801 Low Skew Cat 5e Cable


What is skew?? Analog video presents a high quality image when the computer is directly connected to the monitor by short cables. However, in today’s data centers, labs, stores, as well as in digital signage installalations, video cables may be long, bulky, and expensive. To overcome these practical video cable length limits, KVM switches—in addition to both…


• Supports high quality RGB video transmission

• 350 MHz bandwidth

• Contains 305 m/1000 ft of low skew cable

• Delay Skew: 1 ~ 350 MHz 20nS/100m Max.

• Outer Jacket Material: FR PVC

• Outer Shield Material: Unshielded

• Conductor Material: 24 AWG solid bare copper

• Compatible with ATEN analog Cat 5 video extenders, KVM extenders, and Cat 5 KVM switches

• UL, ETL approved

 Item  24AWG × 4p
 Cable Length  305 m/ 1000 ft
 Conductor Resistance  9.38 Ohm/100m/20°C Max.
 Mutual Capacitance  56 Pf/M Max.
 Dielectric strength  Ac 1.5 Kv/2 Sec.
 Spark Test  2.5 Kv
 Unaged  Tensile Strength: 2400 Psi Min. (1.69 Kg/M(mxm))
Elongation: 300% Min.
 Aged  Tensile Strength: Unaged Min. 75%(100°C×48hrs)
Elongation: Unaged Min. 75%(100°C×48hrs)
 Unaged  Tensile Strength: 2000 Psi Min.(1.41 Kg/M(mxm))
Elongation: 100% Min.
 Aged  Tensile Strength: Unaged Min. 85%(100°C×240hrs)
Elongation: Unaged Min. 50%(100°C×240hrs)
 Insulation Shrinkback  150m/M, 121°C±1°C×1hr?9.5m/M
 Cold Bend Test  - 20°C×4hrs No.Crack
 Flame Retardant Test  CMR
 Ac Leakage Current Througt Overall Jacket  Ac 1500v?10 Ma
 Dc Resistance Unbalance  5% Max.
 Pair-To-Ground Capacitance Unbalance  330 Pf/100m Max.
 Characteristic Impedance  1 - 350 Mhz 100±15 Ohms
 Structural Return Loss  350 Mhz 10.6db Min.
 Propagation Delay  350 Mhz 536ns/100m Max.
 Delay Skew  1 - 350 Mhz 20ns/100m Max.
 Physical Properties
 Weight  9.80 kg

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