Industrial Data Communication &
Networking Infrastructure

We provide Industrial Data Communication (IDC) solution focusing in vertical markets such as intelligent transportation system[...]

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has been seen as a basic necessity in managing server rooms or data centers. This integrated management,[...]

Control Room/Command Centre

Control rooms are an essential component of many industries, whether it’s for monitoring, decision-making, responding, controlling, collaborating or [...]


We provide end-to-end surveillance solutions with our high quality IP Cameras, PoE network switches, Simple to use NVRs and Video Management Software (VMS) [...]

Conference/Meeting Room

Conference room technology should make collaboration easier, not more complicated. We offer a number of conference room solutions [...]



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Westermo achieves ISO 27001 certification

Westermo has received ISO 27001:2013 certification for its development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support of industrial data communication and network equipment in Sweden. ISO 27001 is the international standard developed specifically for information security management systems, requiring that a company uses a systematic approach to managing sensitive information and ensuring data security. The certification confirms
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[NEW] JECTOR Interactive Flat Panel Display (UT)

Learning in the Classroom and BeyondDigitization is making efficient learning from anywhere possible AUO Display Plus, as a global leader in commercial and industrial displays, has designed the Education Series Interactive Flat Panel Display dedicated for collaboration in educational settings. Ranging from 65 to 86 inches, this series features UHD 4K resolution, 20 points multi-touch,
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Enter The New Digital Economy Era with Centralized Management Ecosystem Seminar

In the digital economy, centralized management can bring several benefits to organizations. By concentrating decision-making authority within a single entity or group, organizations can streamline processes and reduce the need for coordination between multiple parties, improving efficiency and allowing for quicker responses to changes in the market.  Centralized management also facilitates better decision-making by enabling


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