2L-2901 Shielded Digital Video Extension Cable


The 2L-2901 Shielded Digital Video Extension Cable is a twisted pair shielded with conductive metal film.The cable utilizes copper wires, which are widely used for data transmission.Its outer metal layer protects signal transmissions from electromagnetic interference and reduces the impact caused by electrical noise. The 2L-2901 can support long distance connections while safeguarding transmission quality.


• Supports high quality RGB video transmission

• Contains 305 m/1000 ft of shielded low skew cable

• Delay Skew: 1 - 100 MHz 25nS/100m Max.

• Outer Jacket Material: PVC

• Outer Shield Material: Aluminum Mylar

• Conductor Material: 24 AWG bare copper

• Compatible with ATEN digital Cat 5 video extenders, KVM extenders, and Cat 5 KVM switches

• UL, ETL approved

 Size  24 AWG
 Construction  Bare copper
 Conductor Diameter  1/0.5±0.008 mm
 Average Thickness  0.20 mm
 Diameter  0.99 ± 0.05 mm
 Material  Polyolefin
 Color codes  1.Orange × White/Orange stripe
2.Blue × White/Blue stripe
3.Brown × White/Brown stripe
4.Green × White/Green stripe
 Shielded (1)
 Material  Mylar
 Coverage  100% Coverage with 25% Overlapping
 Drain Wire
 Size  26 AWG
 Material  Tinned Copper
 Construction  7/0.16 ± 0.008 mm
 Shielded (2)
 Material  Aluminum Mylar (Aluminum inward)
 Coverage  100% Coverage with 25% Overlapping
 Average Thickness  0.45 mm
 Diameter  5.6 ± 0.20 mm
 Material  PVC
 Color  Black
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