As data centers increasingly serve as pivotal hubs for storing and processing information, ensuring robust security measures is paramount. Traditional surveillance systems often prove inadequate in providing comprehensive monitoring and threat detection capabilities. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into building management systems offers a revolutionary solution. In this seminar, we delve into the
In our rapidly advancing digital world, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new technologies. However, amidst this whirlwind of innovation, it’s crucial not to lose sight of what truly matters: improving the user experience. Instead of blindly chasing trends, it’s essential to prioritize usability and functionality. rediShow BYOM stands out as
A cloud-managed network, like TRENDnet Hive, simplifies network oversight by centralizing management, monitoring, and control. It saves on costs and time, eliminating the need for personal servers. With remote access via a dedicated cloud service, users can swiftly address network issues, preventing minor glitches from escalating. No special apps are required, just a web browser. Overall, cloud-based solutions ensure real-time reliability, performance, and security, offering a cost-effective upgrade for your network.
In May 2022, a State Islamic University in Banjarmasin requires a comprehensive solution for meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, function halls, libraries, and lecturer rooms. This is Gigantika’s second project at this institution because they have previously succeeded in working on similar projects for campuses in other cities. Features Products Used contact us to learn more
One of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia looked to upgrade their existing and aging surveillance system. Not only were they looking to improve the video quality of the surveillance footage captured, but the bank wanted to centralize its surveillance operations at one location. To get the job done, technicians deployed a complete, longrange surveillance
Designed for any dual USB-C laptop application, with the industry’s first 4 USB3.2 ports and fast switching ATEN International, the leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today announces the launch of the new 2-port 4K DisplayPort USB-C KVM Dock Switch, with the industry’s first 4 USB3.2 ports and fast switching, perfectly
Compact gigabit Ethernet switches meet current and future requirements of mission critical networks Westermo has launched a powerful range of compact industrial Ethernet switches and routers to meet the increasing demands for high-performance data communication networks within transportation, manufacturing and energy distribution. The new Lynx 3000 series has been designed to provide outstanding levels of
TRENDnet’s 12-Port 10G Layer 2 Managed SFP+ Switch, model TL2-F7120, offers advanced traffic management controls to meet the evolving demands of SMB networks. This rack-mountable IPv6-ready managed switch comes with an intuitive web-based interface. Advanced management features on this ultra-fast 10G SFP+ switch include LACP to increase bandwidth between switches by grouping ports together, VLANs
The Ministry of Transportation in Indonesia serves as the authoritative government agency entrusted with the crucial responsibility of effectively regulating and overseeing the nation’s transportation systems. In 2021, they recognized the need for advanced monitoring center solutions capable of seamlessly displaying real-time data from servers onto video walls. Additionally, they are looking for access control
Your Power to Monitor, Control, Manage ATEN Unizon™ is a server-based software for AV and IT professionals to centrally monitor, control, and manage ATEN Modular Matrix and third-party devices connected to the ATEN Control System Controllers anytime, anywhere. Condition Detection Automatically detects device power status, temperature, fan, and connection status, helping you perform maintenance to avoid potential
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