UC3022 – CAMLIVE™ PRO (Dual HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture)

  • Mix and capture two non-HDCP 4K live videos at 1080P UVC format on PC or mobile device via USB 3.x interface with seamless transition
  • Intuitive Android / iOS App control –
    – set up your camera gear and direct your show from anywhere
    – Multi-Crop function with 4K resolution input capability, users can crop multiple images from the connected HDMI inputs, resize and insert them into different scenes
    – Remote Deck function customize up to 18 hotkey buttons to fully control the OBS or other streaming software installed on the host device
  • Supports real-time HDMI program video preview
  • Easily identifi able chroma keys – allows users to appear anywhere they want by changing the background
  • Provides audio mixer with additional dual analog audio inputs
  • Supports protected video switching mode for regular event usage
  • Compatible with USB & Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) specification specification


The CAMLIVE™ PRO is designed to capture and mix the two connected 4K video sources in FHD format for live streaming purposes while providing outstanding video effects and remarkable image quality. This video capture device comes with capabilities of video capture, encoding, two-channel video mixing, and content switching from HDMI sources and professional line-level audio devices, making livestreaming production stand out from countless CDN videos. With the CAMLIVE™ PRO, users can easily switch between multiple connected sources and combine them for rich information delivery in streaming. In addition, the device automatically converts the sources to USB video format in 720P or 1080P and sends to the receiving laptop / smartphone via USB port.

The CAMLIVE™ PRO works with the intuitive ATEN OnAir Lite app, which helps place everything you will need to customize the video stream right at your fingertips, as well as allows you to combine, crop, and scale video to make amazing PnP layouts. Users can preset up to eight custom scenes and manage audio sources through the intuitive touch panel interface for a superior pro-level finish. The adoption of chroma key technique enables users to replace the background with another content for eye-popping effects.

Streamlining video streaming workflow for dual-camera or single operator setups, the CAMLIVE™ PRO, with its one-stop programming and streaming functionalities that work on PC / Mac platforms, allows any streamer to broadcast over Internet in high quality to major streaming services or remote conferencing services, such as YouTube Live, Facebook, OBS, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Mixer, Zoom, CameraFi, and Twitch.

The CAMLIVE™ PRO is a lightweight, easy-to-carry and flexible solution when it comes to content capturing, editing and streaming in versatile independent live streaming events. Get ready to stand out from the crowd of streamers with just the CAMLIVE™ PRO, the ATEN OnAir Lite app and a laptop / smartphone.

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