Quad LCD Monitor Stand

Aavara TS744 is a Quad LED/LCD Monitor stand, featuring a wide angle of +/- 20 degree Tilt, swivel and a 90 degree rotation. It supports VESA 100x100/75x75mm display and ExperTorque™ technology enables easy adjustment of the screens hinged by its weight. Smart cable management system keeps messy cables in good order. Four independent arms make the most efficiency at work.

• Designed for Quad LED/LCD display 15-24 inch with VESA 100x100mm
• TILT & SWIVEL ANGLE +/-20 degree for ideal viewing angle
• Smart Cable Management System to align messy cables in order
• ExperTorque™ design for easy adjustment hinged by monitor weight
• VESA COMPATIBLE 100*100mm / 75*75mm

• Flat Panel Size:15"-24"/ 38-61cm
• Loading Capacity:12kg/ 26.5lbs for each display
• Tilt & Swivel Angle:+/-20°
• Rotation:90°
• Horizontal & Vertical:Yes
• Smart Cable Management:Yes
• Screw Type:M4
• ExporTorque™:ExperTorque™ design for easy adjustment hinged by monitor weight
• VESA Mounting:100x100mm/ 75x75mm
• Material:Steel/ Aluminum

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