Success Story – Smart Classroom for Islamic University Banjarmasin

In May 2022, a State Islamic University in Banjarmasin requires a comprehensive solution for meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, function halls, libraries, and lecturer rooms.

This is Gigantika’s second project at this institution because they have previously succeeded in working on similar projects for campuses in other cities.


  • Touch Panel, featuring capacitive multi-touch TFT-LCD screen
  • Allows power and data to be carried over a single Ethernet cable to the touch panel.
  • Multi-format AV Switching – switch among 1 HDBaseT, 2 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs to 1 HDBaseT and 1 HDMI outputs and support of audio DSP
  • HDBaseT-Lite technology – extends uncompressed AV, IR, RS-232, and power over one Cat 6/6a cable up to 70m

Products Used

  • ATEN VE812R
  • ATEN VE812T
  • ATEN UEH4002A
  • ATEN VK0200
  • ATEN 2L-7D15H
  • ATEN 2L-7DA6H
  • ATEN VP1421
  • ATEN VK330
  • ATEN VE2812R
  • ATEN US3344I
  • ATEN VK0100
  • ATEN VK108US
  • ATEN VK2100K2
  • ATEN VS482B
  • ATEN VS184A
  • ATEN VM0808HB
  • ATEN VK1200
  • ATEN US3344I
  • ATEN VE812T
  • ATEN VS0801HB
  • ATEN VE2812PR
  • ATEN VM0404HA

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