Success Story – Long-Range Surveillance System for Largest Bank in Indonesia

One of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia looked to upgrade their existing and aging surveillance system. Not only were they looking to improve the video quality of the surveillance footage captured, but the bank wanted to centralize its surveillance operations at one location. To get the job done, technicians deployed a complete, longrange surveillance system using a combination of TRENDnet fiber, industrial fiber, and surveillance solutions.

The goal of the new long-range surveillance system was to centralize surveillance and monitoring operations at the main headquarters. With regional bank branches in almost every major city throughout the country, one major challenge was networking each location back to the main offices. Another major challenge was sourcing networking equipment capable of operating in high temperature areas.

TRENDnet’s fiber solutions allowed for long distance fiber networking, up to 62.1 miles (or 100km). With the use of TRENDnet’s Fiber Converter Chassis System, the technicians were able to centralize the fiber connections from each bank branch location, as well as power the fiber media converters. TRENDnet industrial fiber solutions were used at each bank branch because they are able to handle the extreme outdoor heat found at each of these locations.

This remote camera system upgrade project primarily focused on the outer perimeter of each regional bank location, but specifically in heavy-traffic areas, such as bank building entrances, ATMs, and parking lots and garages. To monitor these areas, TRENDnet speed dome cameras were installed as they have an unobstructed viewing angle with endless pan and tilt.

By using PoE technology, power and data are delivered over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional power sources for each network device. This long-range surveillance system features TRENDnet’s industrial fiber converters and speed dome cameras, both of which conveniently support PoE technology.