VK430 Room Booking System – 10.1″ RBS Panel

ATEN VK430 RBS Panel is a 10.1″ touch-screen panel used to manage conference rooms, and is centrally configured by ATEN RBS Configurator – centralized management software of RBS Panels while integrating with calendar servers, such as Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, Google Workspace Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange Server – to provide convenient scheduling and availability allocation for all conference rooms in the system.That is, through a few simple taps, authorized personnel can make conference room reservations, extend or release room usage, and check the booking schedules of any conference room directly on the VK430 while enjoying its user-friendly interface. In addition, through ATEN RBS Configurator, administrators can have a centralized view of the availabilities and locations of all conference rooms in real time as well as manage each VK430 connected from afar, elevating meeting room utilization efficiency.

Highlighted features of the VK430 include its Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and two illuminating LED bars. With PoE, VK430 can transmit data while receiving power over a single Ethernet cable, which effectively reduces installation costs and power consumption. The two LED light bars, one on each side, illuminates in user-defined colors to indicate the availability status of the conference room, available, reserved, or occupied, and allow users to know the room’s availability at a glance.

Without compromise on aesthetics, VK430 features a sleek and elegant housing that supports 75*75 mm VESA-compliant mounting options to suit various installation scenarios. VK430 is preinstalled with its standard wall mount kit while providing 3M VHB™ Tape for it to be easily installed onto a hard or glass wall.

The VK430, along with the ATEN RBS Configurator, delivers an enterprise-grade room management solution perfect for all business environments, making meeting room management a breeze while elevating the overall room-booking experience.


  • 10.1” capacitive touch-screen panel
  • Natively installed with the ATEN RBS app for integration with calendar servers, such as Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, Google Workspace Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows it to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable
  • LED light bars illuminating user-defi ned colors to indicate the room’s availability at a glance
  • Preinstalled with a wall mount kit and provided with 3M VHB™ Tape for easy mounting onto a hard or glass wall
  • 75*75 mm VESA-compliant for fl exible mounting across various installation scenarios

Additional information

Package Content

Package Contents
1 x VK430 10.1” RBS Panel with wall mount
2 x LED bars
4 x LED bar screws
4 x hard wall mount screw + screw anchor
2 x 3M glass mount tape
1 x user instructions

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