AAVARA® HDMI PRO AV Cable V1.4, Design for PRO AV and Commercial Installation

AAVARA® HDMI PRO AV Cable V1.4, Design for PRO AV and Commercial Installation. Optimal for Hi-Definition Audio/Video performance. Heavy Duty Metal-Molded Connector Housing, High Density Triple Layer Shielding to against EMI Electromagnetic Interference for long cable/distance transmission, High-level oxygen-free Copper wire with 340MHz (10.2Gps) ultra-wide bandwidth for 1080p 3D video format and 7.1 Channel audio. Black/Red nylon webbing,

• HDMI™ 1.4v high speed Cable supporting 3D, 4K, ARC(Audio Return Channel)
• Heavy-Duty metal connector to protect from repeated plug N\' pull & high shocks for long cable life
• High Density Triple-layer shielding against EMI electromagnetic interference for long distance transmission
• High Grade Oxygen-Free Copper Wire with 10.2Gps ultra bandwidth for 1080p video and 7.1 channel audio
• 24K Gold-plated connector for anti-corrosive & distortion-free

• HDMI Spec.:1.4v
• DVI Spec.:1.0 Compliant
• HDCP Spec:1.2 Compliant
• CEC:Yes
• Video Frame Rate:Support up to 240/200Hz
• 1080p Full HD:Yes
• Lip Sync:Yes
• Deep Color:Yes
• 3D Video Format:Yes
• ARC(Audio Return Channel):Yes

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