EA1340 Differential Pressure & Temperature

For environmental monitoring and management, ATEN provides sensor probes that work in tandem with the Power Distribution Units, which enable you to get readings of Differential Pressure & Temperature. Environmental conditions can be monitored with alarms according to customizable minimum/maximum thresholds set for temperature and humidity.

• Measurement range: -19-60°C (Temperature); +-500 Pa (Pressure )
• Compact design – built in 3 m cable
• High sensitivity
• Easy operation

EA1340 Differential Pressure & Temperature

 Connectors  RJ11-4P4C


 Range  Temperature: -19-60°C
Pressure: +-500 Pa
 Accuracy  Temperature: +-1°C (0-40°C)
Pressure: +-1 % (15-35°C)
T.C: -0.1 Pa/°C


 Consumption  5 VDC (Max), 3mA(Typical)


 Operating Temperature  0-60°C, <95% RH Non-condense
 Storage Temperature  0-40°C
 Humidity  < 90% RH

 Physical Properties

 Housing  Plastic
 Weight  0.09 kg
 Cable Length  3 m

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