EA1140 Temperature Sensor


For environmental monitoring and management, ATEN provides sensor probes that work in tandem with the Power Distribution Units, which enable you to get readings of temperate. Environmental conditions can be monitored with alarms according to customizable minimum/maximum thresholds set for temperature.


• Measurement range: 0 – 40°C
• Measurement accuracy: +/- 1°C
• Compact design – built in 3 m cable
• High sensitivity
• Easy operation

 Connectors  RJ-11 Male


 Range  0 - 40°C
 Accuracy  +/- 1°C
 Supply Voltage  5 VDC (Max)
 Current Consumption  5mA(Max); 2mA(Avg.)


 Operating Temperature  0 - 55°C
 Storage Temperature  -20 - 70°C
 Humidity  < 95% RH

 Physical Properties

 Housing  Plastic
 Weight  0.06 kg
 Cable Length  3 m

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