CS72U – 2-Port USB VGA/Audio KVM Switch


The CS72U 2-Port USB KVM Switch is a desktop control unit that allows users to access two computers from a single KVM console (keyboard and mouse, audio and VGA monitor).

• One VGA console controls two USB VGA interface computers

• Computer selection via front panel pushbuttons

• Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux and Mac

• Audio Enabled – full bass response provides a rich experience for 2.1 channel surround sound systems

• Superior video quality – 2048 x 1536; DDC2B

• Supports USB hot-plugging

• Non-powered

Package Contents

1x KVM Switch with Standard Rack Mounting Kit
2x Custom KVM Cable Sets
1x Console Cable
1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
1x Foot Pad Set(4 PCS)
1x Power Adapter
1x User Instructions