ATEN Unizon – Global AV Management Platform

ATEN Unizon™ is a server-based software for remote centralized monitoring, control, and management of Ethernet-based ATEN Video Matrix Switches, ATEN Room Booking System, and 3rd party devices (such as projectors, lights, and AV devices) connected to ATEN Control System Controllers.

By providing real-time access to device status, the platform streamlines daily AV/IT management, troubleshooting, analytics, and automation, making it the perfect solution to manage mass device deployments.


  • Centralized device monitoring, control, and management
    – ATEN Video Matrix Switches, Room Booking System, Control System solutions, including the managed third-party devices
    – Detection of device statuses, such as lamp hour of a projector and connection status for remote troubleshooting and maintenance
    – Batch device control and firmware upgrades
  • Intuitive user interface for large-scale Pro AV applications, easy room monitoring and management across multiple locations
    – 5-level deployment tree
    – Supports room view and floor view
    – Configurable users access rights
  • Predefined scenarios for automation and task scheduling
    – Provide meeting scenarios to choose and triggers actions from controllers
    – Automatically turn on / off lights, air-con, meeting room devices based on predefined actions
  • Dashboard for current status and analytics
    – Current status info for real-time troubleshooting
    – Analytics of past usage records for future optimization
    – Preset rules for generating regular reports for optimizing device maintenance arrangement
  • Logs device usage, notifications, and emails for abnormal events for usability analysis and future optimization
  • Supports mainstream web browsers
  • License of different amount of controlled devices can be purchased based on users’ need. Control 50 devices at basic license and 500 devices at standard license.


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