24 Port Cat.5e 19” 1U, Component level – (P/N: 1402-03019)


PowerPRO™ : Performance You Can Rely On! Cat.5e 19” 110/ Krone Patch Panel 24 ports, 1U size, Component level.

PowerPRO™ : Performance You Can Rely On!

Cat.5e 19” 110/ Krone Patch Panel 24 ports, 1U size, Component level

DINTEK’s PowerPRO Enhanced Category 5  UTP Patch Panels are designed for high performance, durability and ease of installation. Available in 24 and 48 port configurations, these panels come in both channel- and component-level performance options. All panels are fully tested and comply with the latest published TIA and ISO guidelines. DINTEK PowerPRO™ Patch Panel products offer enhanced performance for video applications attributed to its return loss and next performance. The patch panels allow users total flexibility between host and user devices within the cabling network and can support many different known or currently existing protocols by use of suitable baluns or adaptors.Together, as part of the 25 Year Certified Cabling Solution, DINTEK’s Enhanced Cat 5 patch panels provide you with performance and reliability you can rely on.


•  Voice
•  10Base T(IEEE 802.3)
•  Fast Ethernet(IEEE802.3)
•  100Vg-AnyLAN(IEEE 802.12)
•  Token Ring(IEEE 802.5)
•  TP-PMD(ANSI X3T9.5)
•  100Base-T Ethernet(IEEE 802.3u)
•  155/622 Mbps ATM
•  1000Base-T
•  550 MHz Broadband video


•  UL, ETL Verifi ed
•  ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
•  ISO/IEC 11801
•  EN 50173


•   Meet all category 5e connecting hardware performance requirements specified in TIA/EIA-568-B.2
•   110 type and Krone type IDC termination
•   19” 24 port patch panel, 1U size. & 48 port panel, 2U size
•    Accept 22~26AWG, stranded or solid wire
•   Optional rear cable management

Environmental Conditions

•   Temperature range:
Storage: -40 to +70°C
Operational: -10 to +60°C
•   Relative humidity (operational): max. non-condensing 93%

Physical Characteristics

•   Housing: High-impact, flame-petardant plastic, UL94V-0 rated, Spring wire / contact blades
•   Contact material: Phosphor bronze alloy
•   Contact plating: 24 Karat hard gold (50 micro-inch plating thickness) over 100 micro-inch nickel.
•   Plate: SPCC-SD 16G

Electrical Characteristics

•   Insulation resistance between any two conductors: 500 MegaOhms min.
•   Dielectric with standing voltage: 1000V, RMS, 60HZ, 1 MIN.
•   Contact resistance: 20 MilliOhms max.
•   Current rating: 1.5 AMPS at 20°C
•   DC resistance: max. 0.2 ohms at 20°C ± 3°C

Mechanical Characteristics

•   Total mating force: 800 GRAMS for a 8 wire leads minimum.
•   Retention: 30lbs min between the jack and plug.
•   Insertion/Extraction life: 750 cycles minimum.
•   Number of IDC terminations: 200 minimum.

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